Pick Up Lines,Easy Conversation Starters

Published: 19th July 2010
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Pick up lines have a very bad reputation.

For example how often have you heard bad pick up lines such as:

"Are you a parking ticket? Because you're a little fine!"

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Your daddy must have been a thief, because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes."

Using a line like these will get you nowhere with a woman fast, chances are she will not even speak to you.

But because the bad pick up lines get so much attention, people think ALL pick up lines are like this.

However, this is not correct.

A good pick up line will actually do what it says - help you pick up a girl!

The true point in using pick up lines is to begin a conversation.

It is as simple as that, merely to engage a woman in conversation.

After the woman begins talking with you, then you work your magic of getting her to date you, her telephone number and the emotional connection.

But if you can't get the conversation started, then you can do anything else!

Because you shouldn't just be talking to a girl. You should be ENGAGING the girl. Pulling her into a conversation with you is the only sure-fire way to further your agenda.

Do you know that good pick up lines do just that?

When I first started going out to meet women, I was always at a loss of what to say to first meet a girl. I was always trying to think of something to say off the top of my head, and more often than not, I'd miss my opportunity to meet a great girl because it took me too long to think something up.

This is why you should know a couple of good working pick up lines. Situations like these may hinder you from being original and you need something to help you get the ball rolling.

But don't be fooled into thinking you can get away with a line like:

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

This is lame pick up line and women know it, this is not a clever pick up line and makes you look bad.

Other bad pick up lines include, asking for directions, complimenting her on her clothing and telling her she looks like some big celebrity.

Why is this?

Because these things do not ENGAGE the girl. Once she responds, there is nothing to keep her in the conversation.

Bad pick up lines have yes and no answers. Good pick up lines get a woman to thinking about her response, while encouraging an emotional reaction from her, this causes her to want to continue talking with you.

How can you engage a woman in conversation with you?

Easy, ask her opinion about some issue, since each woman has her own opinion, she likes to share with other, especially when it concerns relationships.

So to give you an example, you could say something like: "Hey, can I get your opinion on something real quick? Do you think it's wierd for a woman to try and get pregnant because she wants her baby to be born under a certain astrological sign? I really want to hear a woman's perspective on this."

Once you engage her in the conversation you may follow up with a tale of some woman who wants to be sure she and her children are astrologically compatible, to make life a bit more enjoyable as life moves along.

These various types of subjects for conversation can be about:

1. Astrology

2. Children

3. Pregnancy

4. Pregnancy

5. Children

The number of ways you can go with this are endless. Some of my favorite follow ups are:

"Are you a believer in astrology?" (This can begin conversations about destiny and fate.)

"What is your zodiac sign?" (This can lead to talking about your sign compatibility - as a general rule, no matter what your sign is - you are compatible!)

"Do you like kids? You seem like the nurturing type."

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

The design of a good pick up line engages a woman into deep and interesting conversations that provide you with an opportunity to get to know one another as you become familiar with each other.

This is how you begin conversations.

From that point, it should be rather easy to ask her for a telephone number and possibly set up a first date.

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